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My popular healthy eating programmes are all about looking and feeling great. They are focussed on boosting your energy levels, clearing your skin, improving your digestion, improving your sleep, enhancing your mood and losing some weight.

​The food plans take all the stress out of deciding what to eat and really support you as you take a new approach to healthy eating whether that’s just tweaking your current choices or introducing new habits. 


The recipes are designed to be quick and easy to make as well as both delicious and nutritionally balanced – there is absolutely no calorie counting, strict regimes or faddy dieting allowed!

These programmes include
  • Online access any time, anywhere via a secure online platform.  

  • A motivating whatsapp group where you can access expert nutritional advice, as well as support and encouragement from both me and the other participants in the programme.

  • Loads of recipes to upgrade your breakfast, lunch and dinner plus some great ideas for healthy snacks.  

  • A flexible meal planner for you to complete so that you can make the plan work in your schedule.

Next Programme
21-day Online Group Nutrition  programme
Starts Monday 3rd June 2024
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This  21-day nutrition programme has been put together specifically to help you to improve the symptoms of (peri)menopause, jump start your weight loss and finally feel like you again.

This programme is for all women over 40, whether you are:

  • approaching perimenopause and want to learn a little more about what this time in your life has in store for you. 

  • experiencing some of the signs and symptoms of perimenopause and want to learn about how diet and lifestyle can help you to feel fantastic (whether you have decided to use Hormone Replacement Therapy or not).

  • post-menopausal and would like to know: how what you eat, what you expose your body to, how you move, and how the rest & relaxation you take, can make you feel fabulous.

I know from experience that my body behaved differently as I started to experience perimenopause - and it needed different things too. Different foods, different nutrients, different way to move and a new approach to looking after myself.  And it wasn't until I made these changes myself (and  yes - full disclosure - I take HRT too), that things really started to change for me.

I am on a mission to support all women to feel fabulous and master their midlife hormones.  This  programme brings together everything I have learned into one 21 day programme so that you can transform your health. 

Wherever your are in your midlife journey, I look forward to having you on board

You can expect to:

  • Balance your hormones

  • Feel more energised

  • Sleep better at night

  • Improve your mood

  • Feel less stressed or anxious

  • Reduce aches and pains

  • Banish hunger and cravings

  • Jumpstart your weight loss

  • Suffer less hot flushes

  • Have a clearer mind

  • Improve your digestion

  • And generally feel brighter and more positive about how it feels to be you


What's included:

  • Nourish & Thrive Recipe Pack with easy to make, delicious hormone balancing recipes.

  • Nourish & Thrive Manual  with the lowdown on midlife hormones, signs of imbalance and simple steps you can take to rebalance hormones naturally.

  • Daily motivational emails and short informational modules focussed on the key food and lifestyle areas to consider at this life stage,  that are designed to keep you going and make sure you can make this work in your life.

  • 3 Live Zoom Q&A's to keep you accountable and on track (recorded so you can watch when it suits you).

  • Being part of a likeminded WhatsApp community where we will inspire, encourage and motivate each other.

  • The live programme starts on Monday 3rd June.


The programme costs £89 


Previous participants said:

"A brilliant way to understand what my body was going through, why the menopausal symptoms were happening, and how I could help myself to feel better"

“The recipes are simply delicious, and the family love them too.  It makes for very easy meal planning and I know I am feeding them well. We've all benefitted"

"I've lost weight, my clothes are fitting better, I feel less bloated, I am sleeping better and I have more energy"

What my group clients say...

“I absolutely loved the programme.   The recipes are simply delicious and the family love them too.  It makes for very easy meal planning and I know I'm feeding my family well too.”

Liz, Happy Hormones, Happy You Programme October 2021

"I found the Happy Hormones, Happy You programme a brilliant way to get to understand what my body was going through, why the menopausal symptoms were happening, and how I could help myself feel better"

Happy Hormones, Happy You Programme Client, October 2021

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