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My popular healthy eating programmes are all about looking and feeling great. They are focussed on boosting your energy levels, clearing your skin, improving your digestion, improving your sleep, enhancing your mood and losing some weight.

​The food plans take all the stress out of deciding what to eat and really support you as you take a new approach to healthy eating whether that’s just tweaking your current choices or introducing new habits. 


The recipes are designed to be quick and easy to make as well as both delicious and nutritionally balanced – there is absolutely no calorie counting, strict regimes or faddy dieting allowed!

These programmes include
  • Online access any time, anywhere via a secure online platform.  

  • A motivating whatsapp group where you can access expert nutritional advice, as well as support and encouragement from both me and the other participants in the programme.

  • Loads of recipes to upgrade your breakfast, lunch and dinner plus some great ideas for healthy snacks.  

  • A flexible meal planner for you to complete so that you can make the plan work in your schedule.

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Happy Hormones, Happy You 
20 day Nutrition, Yoga  & Weights programme
We'll Manage Menopause together

The menopause is a completely natural female transition.  Most of us know the classic symptoms associated it.  Hot flushes.  Night sweats.  Weight gain. Poor sleep. 

But did you know that many of us spend our 40’s putting up with symptoms of hormone imbalance like changes to our periods and stronger PMS, as well as lesser known symptoms such as poor memory, brain fog, aching joints and heart palpitations without realising that we are experiencing the early symptoms of menopause….. or the period of our life called peri-menopause.  


How many symptoms we get, and how long the transition lasts is a very personal thing.  Some of us sail through it, and others aren’t so lucky.


Whatever your situation, you may like to know that simple diet and lifestyle changes can help make every woman feel great throughout the menopause transition and beyond. 

This programme is for you whether you are in your 40's and simply want to learn more, you experiencing hormone fluctuations and the associated symptoms,  or you are menopausal or beyond.  Put simply, if you would just like to learn more about how to suffer less. This 21 day programme  is designed to help all midlife women feel like the best version of themselves.


There' s NO CALORIE COUNTING  just simple, nutrient rich, easy-to-prepare, tasty recipe options in a convenient meal plan, together with a varied and enjoyable yoga, weights and meditation programme - all of which you can follow from the comfort of your own home.


This 21 day programme that is designed to energise your body and brain, lose a few pounds, balance your hormones and tackle those pesky menopausal symptoms.


What is included?

  • A 14 page e-guide  – 7 Secrets to a Happy, Healthy Menopause

  • 43 hormone balancing recipes with lots of choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

  • 10 nutrition modules covering an overview of menopause and the health implications associated with the transition.  How to nourish your body so that you can maintain hormone balance. Focused support for classic symptoms.

  • 15 Recorded Yoga, Weights and Meditation Sessions (8 active yoga, 4 Weights plus a Yoga Nidra, Meditation and a Breathwork session) for you to do at your own pace.  Sessions will vary from 10 minutes to 30 minutes so you can plan your programme to suit your life.

  • Health and energy questionnaires and guidance on how else you can assess your progress.

  • You will be part of a fabulous like-minded community to support and inspire you to reach your goals.

  • Two group 30 minute zoom “ask us anything” calls with Hannah, Emma & Emily - your experts to support you on your journey.


Imagine’ve just woken up, feel full of energy and your mind is clear. You get up, have a healthy breakfast and throughout the day your energy is good, your mood is stable, you’re mentally sharp and your concentration is good. You haven’t had energy dips, become irritable or experienced a single craving.

Starting: Monday 13th September 2021
Happy Hormones, Happy You
13 Sept 2021, 09:00 – 03 Oct 2021, 13:00
Happy Hormones, Happy You - Online
What my group clients say...

"The menu planning was really clear and the recipes were delicious"

Jane, Amersham

"The whole process was really easy…..the support from Hannah and the rest of the group was really motivating….I would highly recommend to others."  Trish, Tring