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My popular healthy eating programmes are all about looking and feeling great. They are focussed on boosting your energy levels, clearing your skin, improving your digestion, improving your sleep, enhancing your mood and losing some weight.

​The food plans take all the stress out of deciding what to eat and really support you as you take a new approach to healthy eating whether that’s just tweaking your current choices or introducing new habits. 


The recipes are designed to be quick and easy to make as well as both delicious and nutritionally balanced – there is absolutely no calorie counting, strict regimes or faddy dieting allowed!

These programmes include
  • Online access any time, anywhere via a secure online platform.  

  • A motivating whatsapp group where you can access expert nutritional advice, as well as support and encouragement from both me and the other participants in the programme.

  • Loads of recipes to upgrade your breakfast, lunch and dinner plus some great ideas for healthy snacks.  

  • A flexible meal planner for you to complete so that you can make the plan work in your schedule.

Next Programme
A Lighter and Brighter You!
20 day Nutrition, Yoga  & Weights programme

I am absolutely delighted to be bringing to you my all new nutrition, yoga & weights programme alongside Emma Parkes McQueen (Yoga Teacher) and Emily Green (Personal Trainer).


This wholistic plan is designed to restore your energy levels, clear your skin, improve your digestion, improve your sleep, balance your hormones, enhance your mood and help you feel lighter and brighter!  There is no calorie counting or a strict regimens to follow – just simple, nutrient rich, easy-to-prepare, tasty recipe options in a convenient meal plan, together with a varied and enjoyable yoga, weights and mind movement programme - all of which you can follow from the comfort of your own home.

Focusing on what you eat & how you move, as well as how you sleep and take care of yourself can make a HUGE difference to how you feel - and when you feel good everyone benefits.


What is included?

  • A delicious seasonal recipe pack with lots of choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

  • Daily recorded yoga and weights sessions for you to do at your own pace.

  • Health and energy questionnaires and guidance on how else you can assess your progress.

  • Daily nutrition tips and tasks to help keep you on track and motivated

  • You will be part of a fabulous like-minded community to support and inspire you to reach your goals.

  • Two zoom support and Q&A sessions.


Imagine’ve just woken up, feel full of energy and your mind is clear. You get up, have a healthy breakfast and throughout the day your energy is good, your mood is stable, you’re mentally sharp and your concentration is good. You haven’t had energy dips, become irritable or experienced a single craving.

Starting: Tuesday 4th May 2021
A Lighter and Brighter You
04 May, 10:00 – 24 May, 14:00
A Lighter and Brighter You! - Online
What my group clients say...

"The menu planning was really clear and the recipes were delicious"

Jane, Amersham

"The whole process was really easy…..the support from Hannah and the rest of the group was really motivating….I would highly recommend to others."  Trish, Tring